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双语 | 疯狂扫货可不只是中国人的专利

双语 | 疯狂扫货可不只是中国人的专利




November is the official kick-off month for ecommerce holiday sales. For general stores, sales begin to lift in the beginning of November.


Singles' Day (11/11)


Chinese Singles' Day or Guanggun Jie is an entertaining festival widespread among young Chinese people, to celebrate the fact that they are proud of being single. The date, November 11th (11/11), is chosen because the number "1" resembles an individual that is alone. This festival has become the largest online shopping day in the world, with sales in Alibaba's sites Tmall and Taobao at $5.8 billion in 2013 and over $17.8 billion in 2016.


Big promotions in the name of celebrating Nov 11 Bachelor's Day usually start at the very beginning of November with huge discounts and give aways lined up.


Thanksgiving Day (US 11/23)


While Thanksgiving is largely an American holiday on the 4th Thursday of November, many retailers have begun opening their doors (physically) on Thanksgiving night to begin the Christmas shopping season. Over time, that has moved to the online world as well, making it the official beginning of the ecommerce holiday season in the US and around the world.


Black Friday (11/24)


Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Since 1952, it has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the US, and most major retailers open very early and offer promotional sales. Some websites offer information about day-after-Thanksgiving specials up to a month in advance.



Cyber Monday (11/27)


Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. The term "Cyber Monday" was created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop online. The deals on Cyber Monday are online only and generally offered by smaller retailers that cannot compete with the big retailers.


In 2016, according to Adobe Digital Insights, Cyber Monday hit a new record with $3.45 billion, and it's the first time that online sales in one single day surpass $3 billion in US history. The numbers are up 12.1% from a year earlier.


Green Monday (12/11)


Created by eBay in 2007, Green Monday is held the second Monday of every December. Sorry environmentalists, this day has nothing to do with hugging trees — it's all about saving some greenbacks!


Since 2010, Green Monday has consistently ranked as the third heaviest online sales day of the year. And for good reason: Many retailers, including Walmart, Sears, Macy's, J.C. Penney, and Amazon take part of this shopping day.


Free Shipping Day (12/15)


Free Shipping Day is a one-day event held annually in mid-December. On the promotional holiday, consumers can shop from both large and small online merchants that offer free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve. The 2017 event is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 15.


Free Shipping Day was started in 2008 by Luke and Maisie Knowles, founders of Coupon Sherpa and FreeShipping.org, in an effort to extend the online shopping season.

免运费日始于2008年,由Coupon Sherpa网站和FreeShipping.org的创始人卢克以及梅西?诺尔斯发明,目的是为了延长网络购物季持续的时间。

Super Saturday (12/23)


Super Saturday or Panic Saturday is the last Saturday before Christmas, a major day of revenue for American retailers, marking the end of the shopping season. Super Saturday targets last-minute shoppers. To compete with each other, stores offer significant discounts and extend store hours in an attempt to attract customers and drive impulse buying.


Due to Super Saturday's proximity to Christmas, shoppers are typically reluctant to venture online for deals, as purchases may not be able to arrive in time for the holiday. However, this is not always the case. If customers are unable to gain access to the stores, like what happened during the North American blizzard of 2009, customers who have little time left to buy their gifts may be forced online.


Christmas Eve & Christmas Day (12/24-12/25)


These days are, obviously, low shopping days. That’s because most people in Western countries are not online or in shops, but instead spending time with their family and friends.


However, when it comes to ecommerce, the whole world is retailers’ market. In many countries, November is no more significant than December. In many Western countries, there’s also Boxing Day (the 26th) which is an opportunity to buy end-of-season items.